2.5 Volt Mini Christmas Replacement Bulbs for Christmas Trees and Incandescent String Lights, Pinched Base, 100 Count

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• 2.5 volt mini replacements bulbs for incandescent Christmas lights
• Pinched base shape fits most light sets
• Value pack includes 100 clear or 100 multi bulbs
• Multi assortment includes Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, and Amber
• Available in 3 different wattages including 0.42 watt (170 mA), 0.5 watt (200 mA), and 0.25 watt (100 mA)
• Please, check the white tag near the plug to confirm bulb specifications

These 2.5V mini Christmas replacement bulbs for incandescent string lights are made with a pinched base which means that they will fit most light sets (whether a pinched base is required or not). 2.5V lamps are very common for string lights with 50 or more lamps, however it is very important to confirm the amperes (or wattage) for your particular light set to be sure that you get the correct brightness. We offer the following three options for 2.5 volt lamps:

170 mA (0.42 watt): These are the most common 2.5 volt mini replacement bulbs used now-a-days and are intended for use with incandescent string lights that require 0.42 watt lamps. These lamps will shine nice and bright in light sets that recommend between (0.41 – 0.44 watt lamps).

200 mA (0.50 watt): These 'high wattage' replacement bulbs are for use with incandescent string lights that require 0.5 watt lamps. These string lights are fairly common and have been the standard for certain brands, most notably GKI Bethelem. The 0.5 watt bulbs are intended to be brighter than traditional 0.42 watt lamps, however, if you use these lamps in a light set that requires a lower wattage, they will often glow dim. It is important to double check the wattage (or amperes) required for your light set before purchasing.

100 mA (0.25 watt): These lamps are intended ONLY for incandescent string lights that require low wattage or energy saver light bulbs. This wattage is not common, but it has been used on different light sets and decorations for years. Most light sets of this nature will specifically state that you need to use 100 mA bulbs (or 0.25 watt) bulbs as replacements. This is typical of light sets termed heavy duty and it most commonly found on sets of 200+ lights or icicle light sets. If you use these replacement bulbs in light sets that require higher wattage lamps, these lamps will flash and burn out immediately. It is important to double check the wattage (or amperes) required for your light set before purchasing.

These 2.5 volt replacement bulbs are sold 'naked' which means that they do not come with any plastic husk. Please be sure to keep the plastic husk that the old bulbs are removed from so that these will incorporate into your string light. The unique pinched base shape to these bulbs allows them to set fully down inside of most any husk to make meaningful contact with the brass contacts inside.

Please be sure to reference the tag near the male plug on your light set to confirm both the voltage and the wattage for your string. Voltage, amperes, and wattage must all match to ensure that the lamps will light with proper brightness.

If you have any questions, or need help troubleshooting, please feel free to give us a call at 1-877-750-0971. We can also be reached through the contact us form on our website.

Bulb Dimensions:
Length of glass - 7/8 inch
Length of wire - 3/8 inch
Diameter of glass - 5 mm


prop-65-warning-6-pt.png WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, benzene, and cadmium, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.  Wash hands after use.  For more information go to

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53 Reviews

  • 5

    Published by Lyle W. on May 10th 2022

    Was able to order easily and found what I needed with good delivery

  • 5
    2.5 V, 170 mA, 0.42 watt Light String Replacement Bulb

    Published by LB on Feb 23rd 2022

    FINALLY wising up and purchasing replacement bulbs in bulk, highly recommend. Pinched base fit all the Christmas light strings I needed them for so far. The 2.5 V, 170 mA, 0.42 watt is supposed to be appropriate for modern light strings, seemed correct illumination for all strings I used on so far. Do an internet search on how quickly strings burn out with just a few lights out, or learn the hard way (like me) when an entire 8ft tree or expensive lighted garland suddenly has 100% burned out and blackened bulbs, unfixable. Now each Christmas I replace dead bulbs in all strings before I use them and also before I put them away, easier than the MANY hours it takes to cut dead light strings out of a large lighted tree/garland/wreath, or throwing away an entire free-standing string, and infinitely cheaper than tossing these items. Have tried purchasing those small cards with only 5-10 replacement bulbs each (very expensive), and once purchased a 50 bulb sacrifice-string where used all the bulbs for replacements, semi-cheap, but unforgivably wasteful as have to dispose of the remaining string carcass. Much easier to just buy in bulk like these, cheapest option, convenient/protective storage box, “bare” bulbs (no base) make sense as light string bases are ridiculously ALL different. Big help when replacing bulbs – work under a bright light or sunny window and buy some high-magnifying readers from your local dollar store.

  • 5
    these were what I needed.

    Published by Carl S. on Feb 8th 2022

    I hope next year we can have our christmas train lighted next year

  • 5
    Great quality and price!

    Published by Bill G. on Jan 26th 2022

    I am a repeat customer which means the product is of quality and value! I have a large Christmas and only use bulb replacement that represent quality!

  • 5
    Clear Bulbs, 2.5 Volt 170mA

    Published by Bruce on Jan 21st 2022

    Received your products as expected, came fast, and worked excellent!

  • 5
    Only place to find them

    Published by Mark B. on Jan 19th 2022

    The bulbs worked perfectly.

  • 5
    The 2.5 V, 100 mA (0.25 watt) bulbs are just what are needed for my 200 bulb light strings. Perfect fit into the old bulb husks. The box of 100 bulbs is a great value.

    Published by A. Gafner on Jan 3rd 2022

    I use different types of 2.5 volt bulbs and 612 Vermont is the only place I could find the information needed to buy the correct bulbs for my light strings. Also, buying the bulbs only and re-using the old bulb husks is a great money saver.

  • 5

    Published by Dan K on Dec 22nd 2021

    Good Quality, Price and fast shipping.

  • 5
    2.5 volt .425 amp

    Published by Lise on Dec 21st 2021

    After burning up 100s of lights in my Christmas garland, we found these Vermont bulbs and decided it was worth a try, but would be our last try. We had wasted so much money and time replacing the bulbs before we found the Vermont bulbs. These are the only bulbs that worked and worked well (weren’t brighter nor dimmer than originals). So happy we found these and are now enjoying our favorite garland once again!

  • 5

    Published by John C. on Dec 3rd 2021

    Many options for Reasonably priced replacement bulbs for my Christmas light sets.

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